ragrugbluejeanThis is a 40″ rug I made.

This is a crocheted rag rug. Basic crochet skills are needed. You can make rugs like these from blue jeans, sheets, t-shirts, even plastic bags, but I most prefer using jeans. They look great on hardwood floors. They get even better looking as they get used and are washed. The fraying adds to it.

You will need approx 8 jeans or more to make a decent sized rug. Make your strips and ball them up , then crochet when you have them all, so you get the variations of colors in the right order , that you most prefer. Don’t worry about trying to assemble the strips, all facing the same way. Variety of color variations looks best , in my opinion.  So right side or wrong side of material is immaterial.  Looking back at the rug in picture…I wish I had done the center in darker to match the outside ring.

I use the largest plastic crochet hook I can find. Mine is aqua. Most stores carry them. 

Step One:     I cut the strips into 1″ widths. Then I make a little snip on each end…1/2″ in.

Step Two:  Loop one strip into the end of the other and pull snug. [NO SEWING NEEDED…ISN’T THAT GREAT!]  When I made my first rug, I didn’t know how to attach them and I hand sewed all my strips. After a few washing’s, they started to come apart, and they do not come apart with this method of joining the strips. [As you join one ball to the other, you will have to run the whole ball through that joining slit. Not a plus, but doesn’t take that long.]-[Another option is to leave your strips loose in bags, and assemble as you go. ]

Round:   I like to start with a tight center. I start with 4 single crochet, around your first stitch.  Second row, increase in each stitch. After that, I play it by ear and increase as needed to let it lay flat.  You are just doing a continuous round, no rows.

Oval:  Make a chain stitch the length you want your rug, minus space the rows will take. [Ex. 4′ rug…maybe do the first row 2′]  You will only increase on corners and middle of turning rows.

To end: Pull up tight and weave end in and sew it tight somewhere out of the way.  

Here are pics of the process of joining stitches. When I crochet my next one, I will add pics of the crochet process.  You can also make several other projects out of the top part of the jeans.  Purses,pot holders, garden apron. …I’m sure there are more.

1422136621814Cut strips

1422136633436Shows the slits

1422136694789The strips pulled tight

1422196491144A ball of strips





  1. messesandlove says:

    That looks awesome! I made a t shirt yarn bath mat using a similar technique a while ago. It was fun! I really never thought of using jeans. Now I have a use for jeans that are too ratty to donate 🙂


  2. Sonnie says:

    I have made rag rugs from regular scrap material which I crocheted. The nice part it I can tear the strips instead of cutting them. I’d love to make your blue jean rag rug though. It’s so pretty. I guess I’d just have to think of the strip cutting as a relaxing time. lol


    • joyshighrisehomestead says:

      Yes…I cut them as I watch TV …lol. Old sheets are wayyy easier, as you can tear the strips up, and you get a lot of material …fast. They each have their place. Once I made a nice bathroom set and tank cover out of sheets. I also once made a nifty placemat out of an old worn but pretty blue with roses, daybed cover, with a smaller hook. Use what you have or friends donate. It’s not about making things fast…it’s about taking a step backward and designing wonderful items you will cherish using, as well as recycling.


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